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I promise I will blog about my CSection and her birth story soon, but honestly I'm just too tired still and in lots of pain-I just thought I'd share some more pictures. Sorry, I just can't help myself. I'm just so in love with this tiny little girl. We came home yesterday.
Her eyes:-) don't see them much!

I'm pretty and I know it:-)

I look just like my mama

Headed home finally

Loving the Rock and Play sleeper.

Back of her sweet head.

This morning we all had to be ready to have her to the Dr. for a weight check at 8am. She is a little jaundiced and had almost lost a pound in the hospital but she's back up to 6lbs. She's tiny. In all her pictures she looks so big, I always think newborns look so much bigger in their pictures.
Anyhow, being St. Patricks day today she had to dress the part.


Tesha said...

She is so pretty! I love her beautiful bows. Saying a prayer that you would feel better.

The Mama said...

Sweet tiny princess!! Praying for you all, hope you are getting some rest and you heal quickly. She is so gorgeous!

Summer said...

she is so presh! Girl you are gonna take so many pictures you will have to buy several SD cards lol! I just love her headbands and bows! I am glad her weight is back up! That is nerve wracking! Kelcee had Jaundice and had to be on the Biliblanket for a few days..worried me sick but she was fine! Did they just tell ya to put little Miss Sawyer Bliss in the Sunshine? There is a lot of it lately so that shouldn't be a problem! How is your pain? Are you feeling any relief? I love her St. Patty's Day outfit I knew you would dress her in one lol! She really does look so much like yoU! I am so happy for you I tear up everytime I see pictures lol!


Hillary said...

I'm so glad that you are home and settling it! I can't wait to hear all about her birth, but take your time. I know how tired you are. Give Sassy a kiss for me! Oh and Griffin had the same St. Patty's Day onsie on yesterday! SO cute!


Nancy said...

What a little love! She is beautiful!!!

Brittney said...

Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! Congratulations and I LOVE the big bows! :)

KERRY said...

She sure is beautiful!!
I bet you can't stop staring at her xo

Melissa said...


Melody said...

She is beautiful! I love that last picture!

Songbook said...

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! And I love her big bows!

Megan said...

She is so beautiful! SO SO BEAUTIFUL! :'D

Nicole said...

Oh my word, she is so incredibly gorgeous! So happy that she's here safe and sound.

P.S. We have that same Wubbanub! :O)

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