Brothers and sisters

I always say my kids are lucky because they are all so close in age. They always have a friend to play with, to get in trouble with, and to fight with.

Brothers who can fish together, hunt together, have secret camp outs in their bedroom after lights out..

Brothers who really love each other, even after a big fight.

A sister who loves both her brothers, brothers who would fight for their sister, even though sister thinks brothers are dirty and annoying.

Silly love.

The love for another sister who is in heaven.

The love and sadness that their sister wouldn't be joining them this side of heaven.

The sister they waited so long for..
A nine year old who got tears in her eyes the first time she held her sister. A sisterly bond.

An older protective brother

And a first time big brother who waited so long for that moment..that even he cried.

A baby girl who already knows her big sister. Her eyes get so big when her big sister looks at her.

A big sister who loves taking care of baby, who tickles her toes and kisses her head a million times a day.

A bond between four children. True love. Simple and sweet.

My heart is overflowing. The end.


The Momma said...

How beautiful!! Your kids obviously all have such love for each other, it is so evident. Love this!!!

Hillary said...

And now I'm crying :). Thanks. Such beautiful kiddos you have girl. Your pictures really show the love and tenderness they have for each other. There really is nothing better than family. It's better than gold and you guys are rich!!


Nancy said...

HOW PRECIOUS!!! What a uplifting post! I love it!

Tesha said...

Ok I am crying also. this was the sweetest post :) I love the pictures of you children loving each other. I always wanted a sister and know that Laiken is rejoicing over Sawyer. How blessed you are! I know that Ryan is smiling down on her sweet family.

Melody said...

This seriously made me cry. So grateful that my big girl has a sister to share her life with as well!

Sally said...

And isn't that what it's all about?! :) Love this!

Kim said...

So sweet! Your kids are so lucky to have each other!

Becky said...

Love this post!! Brought tears to my eyes! Love You All!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."