This week

My life has just gotten busy!!! Trying to find computer time-but it's hard!
This week, we had my six week PP appt. I took Miss Blissful with me. She is definitely getting a personality.

I got the onesie at Target and we had baby legs that matched!
Let's not forget a bow!

I love love my Dr. and I may have cried when I left.
Went to two late night ball games with all the kids. SB is going to be a ballpark baby.

I went blonder. Can you tell? I did it myself.

I went to Target with this princess.

Went out to eat with my mom and Memaw one day.

I wish I had this salad right now!!

My mom got some SB time in the church nursery Wednesday.

I took all the kids to the dentist yesterday. Somehow we made it on time. We went super early. I have mastered the make up and shower with the baby.

She slept in her nap nanny at my grandparents house.

My grandpa finally swing with her in his swing. When Ryan died, he was so sad because he wanted to sit and swing her. I heard him thanking Jesus several times for sweet Sawyer.

I'm so thankful for those two.

Sawyer is serious like her mama. She looks just like me as a baby!!
I always wrinkled my head like she does. She is into making funny faces. This baby has been the best medicine for my soul.

I decided to share this because-
I almost lost my husband. I watched him fight and I mean fight for his life. To see him in the condition he was and to make it out alive-is nothing short of a miracle. And I'm thankful he is able to manage this awful disease right now. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs in my car in the hospital parking lot one night.
Anyhow- a friend that I went to school with lost her battle with cancer. God healed her, just like He healed Scotty. Life is so so short. It's precious. Cherish it. This sweet sweet girl loved Jesus and her faith was evident always.
This is her and her husband singing-she left this Earth but her beauty remains. Hearing this reminds me of how precious life is.



Kim said...

Sawyer is too precious for words! How sweet about your grandpa! I tried the link, but brought me to 4 videos that didn't seem like what I would be looking for. So so sorry about your friend:( You are so right, life is so precious and so short.

Hillary said...

Oh I just love those little expressions of her. The nickname Sassy fits her perfectly! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. What a sad loss! Prayers and hugs!


The Momma said...

Sawyer is so so so precious!! Love it!! You go girl for figuring out the wake up and shower with her!! :)

So sad about your friend, I am so sorry to hear it.

The Momma said...
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Melody said...

So thankful for your baby! So sorry for your friend. I am also so glad you have your husband!

The Anglin Family said...

Thankful for you friend!!!

Nancy said...

What a precious girl she is! I love your blog posts lately, so inspiring to all of us!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."