SB is THREE weeks old!!

Here is the link to Sawyer's pics and a few of our family! Please go check them out!!:-)
Sawyer's Pics!!

I decided to just share these and not post any pics with this post. I have got to get better about using my camera. (I am fully aware I post horrible iPhone pics too much)

Anyways, SB is THREE weeks old today!! Time flies by soo quicky!!!

At 3 weeks, we are still exclusively breastfeeding. I will be honest here and admit though, that it is wearing me out. And I have moments of weakness every day where I want to crack open a can of formula and give it to her. I gave her an ounce of it yesterday and she hated it and spit it all up. She is a spitter, but seems to be a "happy spitter" so far. I have noticed some things that concern me, especially since Laiken had such difficulty feeding but I am just watching it. I think she just gulps too fast when she's nursing. But other than that, she is a great nurser and we have no issues. It is just tiring sometimes, but worth it.

We are still cloth diapering, but if she wore a disposable she would still be in a newborn. She weighs about 6.5 lbs I think. Scotty weighed with her and without her, maybe not the most accurate, but we don't go back to the doctor until May. Mainly I have her in Newborn little gPants (Gdiapers)because they fit the best right now. Cloth diapering is NOT hard. If you know me, you know Ashley does not like laundry! I just throw all the liners and gpants in the washer with the wetbag every night or two and wash. I think people think it's much harder than it is. We don't have leaks or blowouts with the cloth. Scotty was NOT excited when I was about 17 weeks pregnant and I insisted we were going to cloth diaper this baby. He thought it was ridiculous but when I was in the hospital and couldn't bend over to change her, he did even though he insisted he wasn't messing with cloth. I think he changed his mind after he saw how easy it is.

We co-sleep and will until an unknown amount of time. It is not for everyone, but it works for us. We have a co sleeper but I have been putting her in the Rock N Play by my bed lately, and she seems to like it better. Our older kids slept in our room forever. We had no problem with it and had no problem getting them into their rooms. I think we moved em out when Laiken was 4 or 5. Seriously, when we brought Camden home, Cade was 2.5, and Laiken was 1.5, so we had a bassinet on one side of our bed and two toddler beds pushed together on the other side. It worked. So I feel more comfortable with SB sleeping in our room. I don't know if I will put her in her crib at 4 months, or kick her out of our room at 4, haha. She nurses every three hours. I swaddle her in the miracle blanket and put her in the Rock N Play and that's how she sleeps best. When I don't swaddle, she wakes up more often and wants to nurse.

She is the best baby! She doesn't cry much at all. She is not the biggest fan of the carseat, but it is growing on her. Yesterday, it was time to nurse but we had to get kids because we ran out of time in the grocery store and school was almost out so she started screaming like she never has. I cried, I think Scotty was on the verge of tears. I have never felt so bad. Like I was starving her. She loves her soothie, we use Wubbanubs and she loves those things. She is sooo pretty. She has the prettiest olivey skin and she is so tiny. She looks just like me. Just prettier, ha. I think Scotty tells me a gazillion times a day how beautiful she is and how much he loves her. She's a lucky girl to have him for a daddy.

Her brothers and sister ADORE her. They aren't jealous at all. They are very helpful, especially Laiken. She has become my biggest helper.

On another note, one of my sweet friends had her baby today at 34 weeks! I am so excited he's here, but please pray that he doesn't have to stay in the NICU very long. :-)

Go check out SB's pics!!! Happy Tuesday!


Hillary said...

Oh those pictures are to die for!I love them all! I can't believe that its already been 3 weeks. I swear she was just born yesterday!

Kisses from Auntie Hillary!


Nancy said...

The pictures are precious. I think you are such a great Mom & an inspiration to try cloth diapers.
I love how she has her Daddy wrapped around her finger & she looks just like You!

Tesha said...

OH WOW those pics are incredible!!! I always get pics when a baby is born...it is hard because you feel tired and all, but so worth it. I love newborns...enjoy every min, like you said it goes fast! Loved reading about your beautiful baby girl. Saying a prayer for your friends baby now.

The Mama said...

OMG I LOVEEEE those pictures!!!!

Nursing is definitely one of the hardest things there is, it is so exhausting. But you are doing so good girl!!! :)

Saying a prayer for your friends and their sweet baby

Kim said...

Oohhhh girl, those pictures are precious! Um, you look GREAT by the way! I'm glad to read things are going well!! You are such a good mommy!!:)

Jennifer Vanzant said...

I cannot believe 3 weeks has already passed!!! They grow sooo fast!! she is so beautiful!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! I love them all! Don't know how you'll choose.

Don't feel bad about the occasional bottle. Sometimes your boobs need a few hours off. I am so impressed with your cloth diapering!!!! Good for you!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."