End of the year!

Taking my blog to the vlog.

YouTube Video

Just mixing things up, folks:-) Have a great day!


Summer said...

Girl you are one multi-tasking momma! OMG K had roto virus when she was two months old and girl those are some stinky diapies gross! Bless her I hope she gets better quick! We stayed up 24 hours with K when she was 2 mths old at emergency room they tested her she tested positive for roto and then they sent us home and told us to let it run its course! We were like your not gonna give us anything to give her they were like no just let it run its course! Congrats to your lil graduates! Whoo hooo to Summer time whoop! Whoop! Girl I am lovin' your lip stick...what color is that? Love it!!


Tesha said...

Oh my gosh it is funny to see you on video:) Well how stinky literally that Sawyer has roto virus. uuggg like you need that right now with her weight gain issues. Saying a prayer that she is better soon. I love the pink lipstick;)

KERRY said...

I love love loooove your accent!!! So cool to see you in real life!
Hope baby girl gets better soon xo

The Jones Family said...

I have missed your vlogs!! Hope sweet Sawyer feels better soon!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."