On Friday, I met up with some friends from Bloggyland/Twitterville. I have met Ashley before, but not Jenifer and Niki. These are seriously sweet and funny girls. And they have the cutest kids!! Niki is pregnant with a baby boy and he is gonna be precious, too. ;-) We ate at US pizza and ate my favorite salad. I took a few pictures, but it's easier to just send you over to Jenifer's blog to read her post about it! I stole the above pic from her, too:-)

I will add that Miss Sawyer's reflux was in full force during lunch and she may have puked on Niki. I took her to the Dr. on Friday afternoon and we are going to be changing up her meds. I have seriously never seen a baby that pukes as much as her. It's projectile and way more than spit up. Darn formula. I will update more about her in her three month update soon. Poor baby.

Scotty came home Friday night and on Saturday we went to Hot Springs for some fun. The kids rode go karts and played laser tag. I sat with SB all day, but that was fine by me;-)

Today was church and lunch out, and I have just chilled the rest of the day. Scotty is at Wal-Mart picking up our new pool because I have got to have something to do to keep these kids entertained without spending a fortune. It is way too hot for me to take Sawyer to the waterpark for very long, and gas. Um, gas. I drive a Suburban and this is NO lie. I live in the sticks but, it cost an average of $20-30/day to drive my car to town, run errands, and back home. If I didn't live so far out, it wouldn't be such a huge issue, but we do for now. So I am trying to stay home at least a few days a week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial day! Our freedom certainly isn't free and I thank all of our armed forces for all that they do and remembering the ones who lost their own lives for us!!


Tesha said...

Looks like a blast:) Gas is ridiculous here also:/ I love when you said our freedom certainly is not free, SO TRUE!

The Momma said...

Now THAT looked like a GREAT time! And OMG you look GREAT!!!!

AMEN on the suburban. I feel your pain girl, and I live IN town. I'm sure it's much worse for you! Yay for Scotty coming home!!! :)

Nancy said...

So happy you got a fun pool!! The kids will LOVE, I'm sure!
I bet you are LOVING having your hubby home!!! Have a wonderful day today!

Kim said...

That's so great that you could have a get together like that! I hope Sawyer is feeling better soon!

KERRY said...

Absolutely agree!! Thank you to all servicemen and women!!
Looks like you had a great date with your new friends, how awesome is that to meet some blog/twitter friends in real life! I would love to do that but all my friends live halfway around the world ;)
Sorry to hear miss SB is still refluxing, poor bubba. Hope you all had a great weekend! xo
P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my last post - you are gorgeous too!!

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