Oh, just some randamity

I honestly didn't take many pictures this weekend. Scotty came home, but it just felt rushed..

We did get up our little pool. I think when we move we must have pool.

Sawyer B got her feet wet.

Not sure she liked it, but after a few dunks she got used to it!

We had yummy food.

And then it was all over. Scotty had to go back to Knoxville. At this rate, we probably won't see him again until our Gulf Shores trip at the end of July. It's just depressing.

Today was one of those days- a pull your hair out kind of day. My boys are testing me, Sawyer screamed, and I had to miss a dinner I planned on going to. Tomorrow will be better.

I took Sawyer to the cemetery last week.

I needed to do that. I needed to see this. I prayed for both of these babies. God is faithful..I wake up everyday in His grace, and go to bed by His mercy.

I'm adding this video-L has been begging for iPod touch all year.

YouTube Video

However, I told her to please quit texting me at 6 am:-)


Nancy said...

Precious!! You made her dream come true!
I can't imagine how hard it is with him gone!
My sis lives in Gulf Shores, I wish we could be down there together & meet up!
Hope you have a good (much better) day today :)

The Momma said...

So sorry Scotty had to go back. Will be praying for you. :)

Hope the day today is better!!

Tesha said...

Love the pool how fun! I am really sorry that you have to be alone so much right now. I know it is a difficult. Praying for you!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Bless your heart. So sorry you had a bad day. Hope your Hubby gets to com hoe again before July. ugh!

We have a pool similar to that. It's small, but it's my saving grace in the summer.

Cracking up about the texting at 6 a.m. My oldest does that to me. I have to say, if you wake up early, watch a movie on your ipod and don't text me or call me until after 8 a.m. or until you see me walk past your room with a cup of coffee.

KERRY said...

Oh you poor thing having your husband away so long like that! You are amazing doing it all with four children, what an awesome mummy you are Ashley!

Kim said...

So so sweet. I'm glad you got to visit Ryan. Special special girls.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."