May mommy and baby favorites

I thought I would try to do this every month. Just a few of my favorite things and a few of Sawyer's favorite things. It may be beauty products, food, books, whatever.

My faves!
This new perfume I got for my bday from Scotty.

It's very summer-y. I have been wearing the same perfume for years (DKNY delicious) but I'm up for a change!;)

Target brand face wipes!!!
I love the Target brand. I love being able to get my makeup off fast, including the two tons of mascara I wear.

Rimmel lipstick! It is cheap and I love it. My favorite color is a light pink, it is called Candy.

I don't wear dark colors because my lips are too big and I look like a clown.

I'm really counting calories and I use My Fitness Pal. I love this app. I think it's a great way to keep track of what goes in your body.

Skinny Cow!

Um, these are YUMMO. I don't eat one everyday but if I have enough calories left, you bet I will!

Fun nail colors!

Maxi dresses-love them with a cute cardigan. I was gonna take a pic of myself yesterday but didn't happen. I'm sporting the heck out of maxi dresses. So cool and comfy.

Y'all-my new favorite thing.

My new Coach diaper bag!! This is my mothers day present from Scotty. I was excited to see a delivery from Coach yesterday!! Woo hoo! It's much bigger than it looks. I adore it. I may do a what's in my diaper bag post soon. Who knows;)

She's so funny!!!! :-)

Sawyer's list.

Rock and play sleeper!

It's at an incline. I swaddle her and push it next to my bed. She sleeps all night. Don't hate me:-) she's great at night. She's more of a daytime fusser.

Next, swaddle me. As in the blanket in the above picture! When she is swaddled, she knows it's sleepy time. LOVE.


She loves it. She's already trying to hold on to it.

Big bows!

Cloth diapers!

If you have any questions about cloth, let me know!;) they're amazing!

I think that's all for now-I'll probably do this again in June!


LC said...

I have that same leopard print swaddle me:) Can't wait to wrap my girl up in it! I like these posts:)

Tesha said...

Ashley I love that lipstick and will have to try it! This is a great idea how fun to pass along your favorite things. AWESOME mothers day gift, the bag rocks!

Nancy said...

I'm so proud of you & the cloth diapers!
This is a great post! HAPPY Mother's Day!!

Melody said...

I've been using my fitness pal as well! I got down to 207 then I started my period and now I'm at 213. I'm not really sure why b/c I didn't like gorge myself! Anyway, I weighed 242 before I got pregnant so 213 is still a big loss :)
I don't wear make-up. I think I stopped a couple years ago. I probably should but it's all I can do to get a diaper changed and myself ready for work, lol.

Michelle said...

We love our Rock n Play & our little girl slept in it next to me for weeks & then later when she had some congestion & needed the incline. We also can't be without a Wubbanub. We have 3 now & she is so good at getting it in and out of her mouth now!

Hillary said...

Hey lady! I have my MIL's computer for a day or so and thought that I'd stop by and say a quick hello! Hello! :) Love you list and am dying about how cute that diaper bag is. My SIL loves My fitness pal and says it has helped her a ton! Good luck girl and kiss Sassy for me!


KERRY said...

Hey Ashley!
I love the nail colour, the look of that Skinny Cow treat, the perfume I haven't tried but I have always had the green one (smells like apples).
Hope you are having a great day!!

Kim said...

Cutsie post! Sawyer is such a dolly!! I just bought 2 maxi dresses and I'm in love!

Muji Anto said...

nice mommy and baby pics

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