Friday, Sawyer had to go to AR children's hospital for testing. Sawyer was not gaining weight due to severe reflux/aspiration. Basically I was hurting her by breast feeding her. We went through this with Laiken and it was rough. Sawyer is on thickened feeds only now and we will do more testing, probably speech therapy for swallowing issues.. More on that later.

Today my mom, the kids and I went to the Rivermarket. Before we left, I caught Miss serious doing this.

Melts my heart!!
We ate lunch there. I had Tropical smoothie cafe.

I do take random weird pictures:-)

Caden, not happy.

Sweet Cam

We had Le Pops! They are delicious homemade pops with flavors like creamy avocado, toasted coconut, lime sorbet..if you live in Little Rock, go get one!!!

We wore her out.

It was HOT today so I was glad to get home!

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!


Hillary said...

How fun to get out with the kiddos! I would give my right arm right now for a toasted coconut pop. Yummy!! Praying for SB and hope that ya'll can get her issues under control. I imagine it must be really scary for you right now :/. Love you!


Tesha said...

Well I will be praying for Sawyer that they get all the answers. Also for your heart that you are not to worried. I love the big smile :) she is so sweet!

The Momma said...

Suck great pics!!!

So sorry to hear all about SB. Praying it all settles down and the thickened feeds work good for her. Praying also for you!

KERRY said...

Great pic of Sawyer in that blue top! Sorry to hear things aren't going as well at the moment, I hope the problems get resolved quickly :)
Sounds like a lovely weekend.
Have a great day Ashley!!

Kim said...

What a sweet, precious girl. I hope things start looking up for that cutie and her feedings. You are such a good mama!

Melody said...

WOW, I am SO glad not to see any HUGE bows on that kids head. After-all, she looks SO STUPID in them! (This is just an inside joke for all of you reading this and thinking I am being mean). I'm glad you caught her smile :) I LOOOOOOVE my new phone that takes such awesome pictures. So glad I don't have to lug the camera around EVERYWHERE now! Sorry about Sawyer's reflux. We are dealing with some MAJOR colic these days! UGH

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."