Sawyer and Scotty

Whew. I barely have time to breathe! Just got home from an away softball game. It's a chaotic life right now! Anyhow.

Yesterday Sawyer Bliss turned 2 months!!!

Today, we went for her check up and shots. We left with reflux meds, formula, and cereal. She's not growing as well as the Dr. would like so we are having some testing done.

At two months, she weighs 8lbs, 21 inches long and her head is 13 something;) I forget. She's a teensy little girl. We are on a weight gain mission. Her reflux is very bad and she throws up a ton. She wears size newborn and newborn diapers. She loves to be held, be in the Moby, and to be swaddled.

She still doesn't purposefully smile. She's very serious. She has wrinkles and may need Botox by age two. Only kidding;) she's such a perfect blessing and we adore her to pieces! Please pray she gains some weight!

Today is my sweet husbands birthday! He's missed my bday, and I've missed his. I have not seen him in 4 weeks! :((( This is the hardest part of his work. He texted me this yesterday..
After running in the rain. I'm very proud of him! I think he's lost 40 lbs! He's always handsome to me. :-) Happy birthday Scotty!

I hope we have many more May birthdays together!


Kim said...

Aww, little Sawyer is so beautiful! I will be sending chunky baby messages her way. I hope all of the testing goes well. Happy Birthday to Scotty! I hope this time that he is gone passes quickly for you.

Tesha said...

Oh Ashley how hard, to not see him in that long. You must be exhausted. I will pray for Sawyer! Shayla would not gain weight and they kind of freaked me out. It ended up she had breastfeeding jaundice and I had to supplement her. She weighed 8 pounds at 4 month and started out at 5. Anyway don't worry I know that is easier to say than do. I am saying a prayer for you now.

Hillary said...

Happy Birthday Scotty! Sweet girl is just off to a slow start. She'll get there! If you are anything like me (and I'm pretty sure we're twins separated at birth :)you know how to feed your family and kiddos.

Lots of love to you!!


Summer said...

Praying Little Miss Sawyer Bliss gains some weight quickly so you won't worry! She is so cute and dainty! How funny the pic Scotty sent you I know you are uber proud of him! Sorry ya'll have to send birthdays apart but I know ya'll make up for it when you're together


Nancy said...

She is a little beautiful girl :)
Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

Nicole said...

You're super mom for doing this all while your hubby is away. I only have Addalee, and there's no way I could manage by myself! Seriously, you're impressing me!! :)

Beautiful SB will gain weight. I know you're worried/scared though. I just know that she's going to pick up on her weight gain soon! Addalee was a little slow at first. She was only 5.5 when she was born, and it took some time to really get some weight on her. So much so that we were back at the doctor's office just for that...and I cried in front of the doctor! :/ Addie has stayed on the small side...until now. She's getting to be a chubby bunny! So, I believe SB will do the same, be small for a while, then pick it up quickly.

Sending love, hugs, and prayers, sweet friend!

KERRY said...

Hey Ashley, I hope you and your husband are reunited very soon!!
Little Sawyer is adorable, wish I could say that having to gain weight was an issue with me, but it's losing it that is the problem!
I hope she catches up soon and her reflux stops, poor thing :(
Hope you have a great day!!

blessedmomto8 said...


The Momma said...

Praying for your princess to gain her weight. I know it's so hard sometimes. Sweet baby girl!! SO pretty!

Go Scotty!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."