Been awhile!

I cannot believe its been so long!!

Let's see...what we've been up to. Last Thursday had a twitter blog lunch at US pizza. Friday we went to the hot air balloon race in Little Rock.
Our lunch:-)

The kids played in the splash pad that night.

Sawyer slept the whole time:-)

We didn't do anything last weekend other than grocery shop and church. And honestly, I didn't even leave my house after Sunday until church Wednesday:-)
Sawyer sat in her bumbo for the first time.

She smiles a lot!

Hangs out in her cloth diapers.:-)

The green dipe matches her froggy.

Oh, how I love her!!!

And in other news, Addison Bliss boutique is in the works. Addison is Laiken's middle name and Bliss is Sawyer's:-) We will be an accessory shop for babies and little kids. Right now, we will be operating online. I will have bows, headbands, Carseat covers, baby legs, shorts, tops, rompers, bloomers, shoes, etc. This is not just a money making venture but for fun and so Sawyer can have cute stuff! I am ordering now and have been super busy getting things worked out. Everything is affordable and if there is anything you need for your kid I can probably get it. :-)
These are $3.50

Bows under $5

And a lot more! These are just a few of the things I have.

Here are Sawyer's baby legs for the 4th:-))

Anyhow I will try to get back to the blogging habit soon!!!

Happy weekend:-)


Jay and Kristen said...

LOVE the little checkard shoes for boys. And those baby legs are to die for!!

KERRY said...

Wow, good for you with your new venture, I hope you have lots of success and fun with it!
Cute pics too, can I ask a question? I have always wondered why there is that hole in the paci (we call it a dummy over here), is it for something? We don't have those...

Hillary said...

I can not get over how much she looks just like Laiken in that last picture! Please find and add cute little boy stuff to your shop and I will buy you out!!!

Lots of love to you!


Nancy said...

So excited & proud of you! That will be the stylish store!!
Precious pictures!!!

Kim said...

She is such a doll baby! Cute stuff! Good luck with your business:)

Tesha said...

WOW your shop looks like it will be Awesome!!! We are soooo in need of some new bows. Love the sweet pictures :)

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