What not to do on vacation-Redneck Riviera style.

I had every intention of blogging while on vacation, but well, the best laid plans aren't always the way things go. And originally, I was supposed to be heading home tomorrow but well, that's not happening either.

Last Sunday, we left Arkansas with the intentions of exploring south Louisiana because we are intending upon moving to the NOLA area. Um, by the time we got there, ate dinner, and unloaded at the hotel, we crashed. We loaded back up early for our 2.5 hr drive to the beach.

Once at the beach, we unloaded, grocery shopped, took in our view..

And then headed down to play. After it stormed, of course. I think we brought the storms to South Alabama. No sooner than we got to the beach, a kid fishing caught Cam in the gulf swimming and tried to reel him in. Result?

Well, you can't pull these large hooks out. They have to be pushed back through. And cut.

ER trip 1. Oh yes, I said ONE. Wait, there's more.

Tuesday was fun. Beach, and we went to LuLus for dinner.

After LuLu's, we went to a fun thrill park and the kids did the sky coaster. Couldn't pay me.

Wednesday, Laiken woke up throwing up. Fun times.

Homegirl was SICK.

Thursday, we had more beach.

We ate out that night.

Friday morning, both of my boys woke up vomiting. It was glorious! Ha.

More sick kids. They were miserable!

Y'all mostly all know about Scotty's health issues so I'll spare you- but when his legs looked like this I worried.

It's petechiae. He went to urgent care and they sent him to the ER.

Friday night in Gulf Shores at the hospital. Can't make this stuff up. Fab-u-lous. It turns out he does have clots, but is already on blood thinner for life, and has a filter in his vena cava to hopefully prevent pulmonary embolism. After a call to his hematologist, she said he was OK. Saw began puking this night, so S had to go get pedialyte. And extra thick it. Sigh.

Saturday began a gorgeous day, but an hour after I woke up the dang virus knocked me down. Literally. It was BR-u-TAL. I puked all day. Lovely.

Sunday, I decided to brave the beach even though I felt less than stellar. 45 minutes later, I was being rescued by the fire dept and taken off to the hospital by ambulance. I even got an IV laying in the sand. Sounds kind of Bay-watchy huh? Trust me, dont ever faint on the beach. It's not pretty. It's quite scary. I remember thinking I was about to pass out, but don't remember much after that. I do remember being hit in my chest multiple times because I was unresponsive. Spent all day in the hospital. Did I mention this was Caden's 8th bday? Oh yes. Poor poor child. My wonderful husband ordered him a cake at Publix, and we did have Domino's pizza after I escaped the ER. Oh, yes. I forgot. Scotty got stung by a sting ray before I passed out. Silly me.
Gorgeous, right? Ha.

We decided to extend our vacation and it will be over 2 weeks after this is done. Let's pray week 2 is mucho better!!!
We kicked it off today with swimming, playing at the arcade, and I cooked dinner.

Oh, and a long walk on the beach.

Cooked chicken spaghetti. Hubs request.

This week will be better. Amen.


Sarah Hedlund said...

Holy Cow girl! That is awful!!! Praying this week will be relaxing and fun!

Sally said...

You couldn't make that up if you tried! So glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Praying for a fun and hospital-free second week!

Hillary said...

Shut up!!! You poor girl! You are one brave and awesome wife and Momma. My butt would have high-tailed it back home as soon as I got a chance! You'd better blog again soon so we all know for sure that you're still alive... HA!

Love ya!


Sarah said...

I still can't believe your week!! Seriously! AWFUL! I'm praying this week is STELLAR!!!!! :) So glad y'all get to stay another week!

The Momma said...

Sweet friend, I have to agree with Hillary, I'd have HIGH TAILED it back home. Good for y'all for sticking it out and making week 2 amazing. I am praying all day for y'all to have really really great days and a GREAT week 2!!!

Nancy said...

This post deserves an award.
You guys have the BEST week this week, please?!?! You DESERVE a true vacation starting now!!!
So thankful your family is on the mend :)

Tesha said...

Ohhh noooo that is straight out of movie.....cant decided, horror or comedy? not funny for you for sure;/ I am sure years down the road it will make for some family laughs. Soooo glad you get some more time and hopefully it will be relaxing and wonderful. How do you mange to still look so good in the mist of all that. :)

Kim said...

Oh my gosh Ashley, I cannot believe all you have gone through on your vacation! I hope the rest is flawless, you poor thing!

Nicole said...

I've been gathering a little here and there on facebook...but OH MY WORD! Your poor family! Sounds like some of the beach "fun" my family has had a few times. I've been stung by a jelly fish and a stingray...and slammed into a pier several times, and also bumped by something large enough in the water to knock me down. Not sure I have good luck with the ocean!

Getting an IV on the beach does sound pretty baywatchy! If I had been there, after a freakout, I would have had to sing the theme song to you! I'm singing it now! :)

Enjoy this second week. Everyone stay healthy and RELAX!

KERRY said...

Oh my gosh Ashley!!! I am sorry but I can't help but smile at this post, the things you guys have gone through in ONE WEEK?? Are you kidding me?? You couldn't make that stuff up lol
As funny as it sounds, I am sure it wasn't all fun and games at the time :(
I hope everyone is well and that week 2 is an awesome one...I'm still shaking my head :0)

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Oh girl praying it is better! Bless your heart that is a rough vacation story. I'm a new follow, found you through mutual blog friends on twitter:)

FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh my gracious, girl! I saw your pics on FB but had NO IDEA that it was that bad. So sorry. Hope your second week was much better!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."