Beach, B2S, Updates..

We made it home from the beach. All in one piece. And the second week went well. We had lots of fun and I am ready to go back tomorrow. Seriously.:-)
Building sandart!

Hangin' Out:-)

Even went to the Gator Farm!

And look at my sweet pretty gator princess!!

The kids had their first day of school. Aren't they seriously getting SO big?

It's crazy to me! I have a 5th, 4th, and 2nd grader:-) Life is busy, full, chaotic, and blessed!

Sawyer turned 5 months old! I need to do a post and I haven't.

But isn't she cute??

Yup, I thought so. This is the first year after THREE years of being pregnant on every first day of school that I wasn't. I woke up feeling very blessed to have this sweet girl in my life!! And the fourth year kicked off to a good start.

Tomorrow, Sawyer is going to have her kidneys checked. And Monday, she is going to have MRI and EEG of brain. It's nothing too terrible or invasive, just keep her in your prayers:-) I only dread the MRI because she has to be put to sleep for it. I will update after I know more. And thanks for all the prayers we have already gotten!!!

I feel like so much of my time lately has been spent buying and selling. I am working on trying to get website running, and get things going but it is so hard with a family sometimes. I find myself doing research or making orders in the middle of the night because it's easier that way. But I do feel guilty because Scotty I know thinks I spend too much time on the computer and I feel bad I haven't been blogging! Now this is rambling. :-)) I just need to do a better job managing my time.

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Good night!


KERRY said...

Hey Ashley! Good to hear from you and thanks for sharing a few pics of your sweet kiddos :) I hope they loved their first day back to school!
I will keep you and Sawyer in my thoughts, I hope it is nothing too serious :(
Have a fantastic day! xo

The Momma said...

Good to hear from you!!! As always, love the pics of your sweet kiddoes!

Will be praying for sweet SB's tests. Let us know how they go!

Sarah said...

You deserved a great 2nd week at the beach after the first!!! Praying for y'all constantly this morning. Hoping everything is ok with your beautiful baby girl!!!

Kim said...

Thinking of Sawyer through all of her testing. Love the pics and you look AMAZING! I'm glad you had a good rest of the vacation-you deserve it!

Tesha said...

So glad week two went good:0 Life dose get full as the kids get older, I do a lot in the late night hours also. I will be praying for Sawyer I know how stressful test can be. I seriously want to know where you get her bows Shayla is in need of some new ones and I love Sawyers!!!

Nicole said...

Glad week 2 of vacation was fun and happy.

I get what you're saying about fringe pregnant for so many first days of school. This is my 3rd summer being pregnant! Sheesh! (But its a blessing)

Love the pictures of your beautiful family!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."