I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was different, Scotty wasn't able to come home and I hated that we were not together on the holidays, but that's just the way it was. We had a very nice quiet lunch at my house, my mom and grandparents came over and we had our usual feast that can feed a million and we stuffed our faces and enjoyed just being relaxed. No dressing up, no having to leave my house, it was really nice. And we took no pictures! I just think we were enjoying the day.

Last week, the kids had Thanksgiving feast at their school and my Memaw went with me. I did get a few pictures there.

Also, I started putting Christmas decorations up last week and I am now almost done.

I love looking at Christmas tree lights!! Seems almost magical still. I'm very excited about SB's first Christmas, and I'm super excited for Scotty to come home!

I've also been working on some landscaping around our house, my brother in law dug the flower beds out and I went and had a ton of fun picking out plants! This was a small fortune, but it was fun to go pick out the plants and it looks so much better!

SB turned 8 months old, so hard to believe!

She had to wear a cute Turkey outfit, but I'm kicking myself. This is about the only picture I got of her in it. :-(

Smocked Turkeys! I can tell you it was cute, even if I'm a terrible mom because I forgot to take pictures!

She is getting SO chubby!

Those cheeks kill me. They get kissed 999 times a day.

Also, 8 month pictures didn't really work out, lol! She gets annoyed that I take a gazillion pics of her.

That's the best I got;)

But I did snap this at the Dollar Store. I don't put her in the buggy much, because she gets wobbly sometimes with her random movements, and she squeals so very loudly every time she sits in the buggy.

This was her first time wearing denim of any kind and overalls;) I thought they were cute. They were an eBay $4 score.

So today is Black Friday, and I plan on staying home all day and away from the crazies and craziness! I love going with Scotty, but I'm not going without him. I decided I had to work out extra hard today to work off all those Thanksgiving calories and enjoy just being with my kiddos. So far, that workout hasn't happened, and I'm just sitting here thinking about the leftover dressing and german chocolate pie in the fridge! I'm snuggled up with the boys on the couch watching cartoons. Maybe a little leftover pie wouldn't hurt?!


The Momma said...

A little leftover pie will definitely NOT hurt. :) I just had a leftover dessert myself :)

Nancy said...

I'm so happy your Thanksgiving was relaxing! I know you will be so happy when your husband is back home. That pie sounds divine! You look great!! A true inspiration!

Kim said...

Love the pictures! Glad you had a good day. I worked too on Thanksgiving, but it will be that much more special when you are together:)

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