Tuesday's rambles..

Yesterday we started wearing our Christmas clothes! {disclaimer: yes, I love my big kids just as much, but they however do not want me to take pics of them daily wearing Christmas clothes.}
I am trying to do the 25 days of Christmas and take pictures every day in her different outfits. I just started a teensy bit early!

She is not a fan of her bows anymore. Clearly.

She likes to eat them more than wear them lately. I still try. It's almost hopeless, ha!

We went to physical therapy yesterday and so SB and I went to lunch alone and we went shopping by ourselves. I love spending my days with her!

Waiting on her physical therapist. {who by the way wasn't there and they forgot to call and tell me-UGH!} she did see another therapist but it was only for a few minutes. I will do a Sawyer update in her 8th month update or may just wait until she's 9 months. Clearly I've been a terrible blogger!

Our anniversary is coming up and I'm making Scotty a box to send to New York. Any ideas of stuff I should put in there? I'm a totally clueless gift giver, especially with men. I would love any ideas! Thanks!;)

Today is my grocery shopping day. I despise grocery shopping! It's really no fun!:-( I am not a list maker and not a planner. I fly by the seat of my pants. Every time I get better at meal planning, I fall off that train pretty quick! Especially since I eat my own meal for dinner most of the time and Scotty is gone. My kids dont really want grilled chicken, broccoli, and brown rice every day. I've been sitting with a pen and paper and thinking about it but decided to blog instead! Typical me.

Oh, I am so stinking excited! I saw this last night and it made my day, week, month, even my year!!

Ahhhh! Who didn't love Cory and Topanga? I get excited too easy.;)

Happy Tuesday!


LC said...

Holy cow I had no clue they were making a "girl meets world"!!! I'm so excited...off to google it now:)
oh and SB is adorable! Hoping and praying her therapy is going well:)

Melody said...

We were talking about this at lunch at work today! SO excited to watch this show! :)

Nancy said...

I will be watching! I'm so sick of making spaghetti, soft taco's, baked chicken, bbq pork chops! Tonight I'm making veggie soup, but fried the kids a ham steak & making pintos to go with it. Too lazy to cook cornbread :)
Happy Anniversary soon!
Doesn't he run? Some new running pants? Or his fav snacks? Deer magazines?

Tesha said...

Love the sweet Christmas outfit. I hated when Shayla went through the no bow stage. She love her bows now:)!

Kerry said...

Hey Ashley! Good to hear all is well with you guys :) Sawyer is getting so big and looks so much like her big sister in this pic...
It's funny how they start to voice their opinion on certain things, like wearing bows lol, you can get away with it when they are just little babies :)
Hope you have a great week! xo

The Momma said...

I *ADORED* boy meets world. I'm very excited about this show :)

Can't wait to see all of SB's sweet outfits!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."