10 years

Yesterday, we celebrated 10 years of marriage.

10 years ago, I stood with my best friend and promised to love him forever with shaky knees and tears in my eyes. Oh, how young I was and how I wish I could go back and tell that girl a few things...

I'd tell her not to nag. I think nothing gets under his skin more than my annoying nagging.

I'd tell her to just let him go hunting, and quit whining about it.

I'd tell her to show him appreciation more for his hard work. I'd tell her to touch him more.

I'd tell her not to get so angry over little things that she will forget about tomorrow.

Marriage is hard work. It's a promise to love the same person for the rest of your life and to put that person before yourself. Love is a choice.

We looked so young-not sure why my eyes were half open?!:-)

In 10 years, we've moved 12 times.

We have had 4 beautiful babies.

We lost a daughter together.

We have gone though Scotty's illness together.

This was on our 7th anniversary. How thankful I am he is here today.

Let me say watching someone you love suffer is awful. I learned a lot about faith, grace, and mercy in this time. I was told he probably wouldn't make it and I had to tell myself that whether he lived or died, God was still the same and He was in control. He lived.

The strength Scotty had to fight has kept him going-he works way to hard. He never stops. He works harder than a lot of people who aren't "sick", even when he feels terrible to provide a lifestyle for us that I am undeserving of.

He's an amazing dad and I love knowing that my children ADORE their father.

Those hands change diapers, and work hard for his family.

I can assure you I'm not the easiest to live with. ;) He still puts up with me and all my antics and crazy ideas.

I don't always show it like I should, but I appreciate him more than he will ever know.

I love our life and the sweet family we have created together.

We sure have pretty kiddos;-)

I'm thankful he even remembered our anniversary since he is away working. Yesterday I got flowers delivered to the door, and a new jacket in the mail.

I love you, Scotty and here's to getting old together!! Happy anniversary!


Tesha said...

This is a beautiful post honoring your hubby and your life together... heartwarming! Happy Anniversary!!! It's easy to see Why the kids are so cute ;)

The Momma said...

Happy anniversary yesterday!!! God has blessed you and your family. :) Love this post!!

Hillary said...

So sweet!! Happy Anniversary you guys!!


Nancy said...

Love this! Happy Anniversary! As we get older, we get wiser, my friend! I would tell Young Nancy the same thing. I'm married to one of those hunters ;)

Kim said...

So sweet:)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."