Nine months. For real?!

Can you believe this?! I can't! It's crazy to me that in three months she will be ONE. Hold me, please. It's flying by.

So so thankful for this sweet sweet princess! She's sick right now so I doubt I will be taking any 9 month pictures tomorrow. Well, maybe. But I'm not sure y'all want to see her snot caked nose and rosy red cheeks;)

Here she is watching a high school basketball game. She wasn't too sure about the noise.

This was her first time to ever wear jeans and I think she looks adorbs in them!

These are blurry pics, but these pictures kind of show SB's CP.

Her legs are so stiff. Her hands have began to seem more affected lately and they shake a lot. She is doing well in PT, she goes for an hour at a time and it's hard on her at her age to last that long. She tires quickly.

She can get up on all fours for a few seconds before her legs give out.

Y'all, she's determined. I know God has big big plans for her and those legs will go far!


At 9 months...
You are 20 lbs.
You are 27 inches.
You wear a size 3 diaper.
Mostly 12 month clothing.
You squeal. A lot.
You can babble a little. Dada is your favorite word.
You are waking up at 4:00 for a bottle and I give it to you.
You love food. Except avocado. That's sad to me, because I love it so.
We don't do schedules.
You sleep in my room.
Your face lights up when you see your sister and brothers!
You can reach for me..it takes work for you, but you love to reach for mama!
Very much a mama's baby.
You still aspirate, so you are on thickened feeds.
You love to play!
You love praise baby and Dora. Oh, dreaded Dora. Sigh.
Your left side is a mystery. You seem spatially unaware of it.
You make me SO SO happy!
Learning that you have special needs has opened my eyes in a way that I'm so thankful for. Taught me things that I never knew about CP and broke down the stereotypes I once had in my head. And for that, I'm thankful. I wish you didn't have this, I wish that alot..but I know that you will do amazing things..I see it in those sparkly blue eyes. The eyes that I prayed would be brown? Those. Those blue eyes are beyond beautiful and I'm thankful God made you the way you are! You melt me, Sawyer Bliss. If I've said it a gazillion times, you are the perfect piece to finish our puzzle!
Happy 9 months! We ADORE you!


Allison said...

NO way!! I can't believe she's 9 mos!??!

Hillary said...

Be still my heart! There is no WAY that she's almost a year old already!! If it's even possible, she gets prettier and prettier every day!

Love Yall! xoxox

Nicole said...

She is completely gorgeous! Love her in her little jeans (and every other adorable outfit you put her in)!

Time does go by WAYYYYY too quickly!

The Momma said...

Sweet princess!!! So pretty! Love all of her outfits. Time goes so quick huh??

Nancy said...

SUCH a precious girl!!!

Brittney said...

I'm finally getting caught up on your blog. She is absolutely beautiful and I didn't know she was diagnosed with CP. I know it is extremely difficult to be the mommy of a special needs child, but I'm also learning that its even more rewarding. You learn to appreciate EACH milestone so much more! Praying for you!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."