Growing up

What? Sawyer is TEN months old!?! And it has been like 3 weeks since I've blogged?!

Well, Sawyer turned 10 months on Sunday. Y'all, that's almost one, right? Crazy.

Because I'm chubby and I know it.

She likes to eat.

She can stand for short periods, if I help her up. She stands on her toes.

She even throws fits in Walmart. Duh....;)

She got sick before her first Christmas and we went to the hospital. These pictures are sad.

Doesn't even look like my pretty girl!

She was SOO sick.
So, her first Christmas wasn't as magical as I'd hoped.

She said no more breathing treatments!!!!

It took like two weeks for her to get better. And what do you know? She's got the tummy bug right now:-((( Bless her.

At ten months, she is now crawling/scooting. She gets around. ;) She is determined! She does it a little funny. But that's ok;) She says dada and mama (with no real meaning, but whatever). We caught her saying "bubba" on video. So cute!
She is happy, sweet, and beautiful! We love her SO much.

We have lots going on around here! We are moving in TWO weeks! I'll be back soon with more on that. ;))

Happy Wednesday!


Summer said...

Ten Months already?!?! What! Happy Ten Months little Miss Sawyer Bliss! She is so gorgeous! I love the chubby and you know it...hey that should be my phrase ha! I love her she is the cutest. Awww those pics made me cry bless her I am so glad she is feeling better. Did they put an IV in her head cause they couldn't get a vein? Bless her. She is precious. I bet ya'll made her Christmas uber special once she got home because you guys rock as parents! What your moving?! How fun! Eeeer not fun excitng lol! I wanna see pics of your new place!

love you

Hillary said...

Wha?? You're moving! I swear moving is just as contagious as the flu right now! But how fun and I can't wait to see what all you're up to! Bless SB's sweet heart. So sorry that she was so sick! Lots of love to you all. Stay well!


Nancy said...

MOVING!!!???? How exciting! Tell us more!

Sawyer is such a beauty! I'm praying her tummy bug goes far away & soon.

LC said...

Love that beautiful baby girl! Hope she feels better soon:) Maybe you're moving to Nebraska? HA! I can wish:)

Kim said...

She is so PRECIOUS! Poor thing being sick on her first Christmas:(

Tesha said...

She is beautiful even when she sown and out, SO sorry she;s had a rough time. Praying for full recovery soon!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."