I've lost it.

Didn't you know they say moving is one of life's most stressful situations? I've done it enough. No wonder I am worn out. And whoa, Nelly..I need to go touch up my roots...

But really, all I think about is decorating and new projects and it's WAY more fun than throwing stuff in cardboard boxes. Promise. And yesterday, I had to rehab this beauty. You know, because I'm sooo bored. I have nothing else to do!

And because I had to have new lamps at my new house like, now! She was in my garage all shiny and brass and begging to be pretty again. So yesterday this lampshade screamed at me from the clearance aisle at Target. I tried to ignore it, but it yelled loudly. So I came home and painted her and I think she's spiffy. Scotty laughs at my flat black paint obsession and said she wasn't pretty. What does he know? He likes camo and horns. Silly boys.

So here I sit, looking at boxes and stuff, and I'm thinking I need to go paint my toes.

I'll be done the day before I move, I promise. It's next week.

Pray for me. I need it.


Hillary said...

Ok so that picture of you is crazy funny! I love it!! :) Good luck with all the moving. You'll get it all done. I have faith in you. So, go paint those nails!


Nancy said...

Im excited about your new adventure! Where are you going!? I wish to Birmingham!!

Tesha said...

LOL you are to funny. Love that picture you are so beautiful even losing it:) Hope you have a wonderful stress less moving experience. Great job on the lamp!

Nicole said...

Moving is beyond stressful. I don't tolerate that level of stress well...and you look so pretty doing it! Unfair!! ;)

Good luck with all of it!!

Kerry said...

Hey Ashley! I love your hair in that picture :)
Great job with the lamp shade, I like it! Good luck with your move too, I hope it's not too stressful for you, can't wait to hear about the new house :)

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