Happy birthday Caden!

As I sit in a tub full of bath salts and with a face slathered in a Pinterest inspired baking soda mask, I decided I should blog. ;)

Yesterday was Caden's ELEVENTH birthday! Do you hear me?! 11. I feel so old. I swear we were just having Blue's Clues parties and dancing to Barney songs. I remember his first day of school like it was yesterday, and next year he is off to the big middle school. Time really flies.

Friday night, we had a climbing party for him at the Little Rock climbing center. He loved it! So much fun for silly boys! We surprised him with his best friend staying the night. He was elated!

My big three getting suited up.

{these came from my mom's phone, so don't judge!}

He's a monkey.

He is SUPER into fishing.

Scotty and I with the birthday boy.

He hit the money jackpot. I may need a loan. Kids this age only do money these days. Fine by Cade, I think he has every dime spent!

The other boys there were too busy misbehaving for pictures. Oops? Did I just say that?! Truth. Boys of this age are quite funny;).

So yesterday was his actual birthday and I got the great idea that we should get up with the blue hairs for breakfast and go out to eat. So up at 5, and off to Cracker Barrel we went before school. I thought it was fun;)

Miss Bliss didn't mind, either. Because she ate my grits and eggs.

How is SHE this big?

Scotty Caden,

I cannot believe you are this big. Seems like yesterday we were dancing with a nameless purple dinosaur. You are the oldest child, and I know you have a lot on your plate because there are three under you who look up to you. I am very proud of you, and how far you've come. You are very special and smart and I love you very much. You are at a very important time in your life as you are changing and growing and not quite a little boy anymore. You take hour long showers but I can't seem to get you to brush your teeth.;) You have deodorant sitting on your dresser, and that blows my mind. I was just powdering your baby butt. You love video games more than anything, but I despise them. {sorry}. I do let you play on my terms though, and I know you think I'm mean sometimes. I hope someday you understand. If I break something, you can fix it. You are SO smart it blows my mind. You are obsessed with batteries. It's odd. We have to hide them around here. Your favorite foods I'd say are cheese quesadillas, lobster, pizza, and a jar of PB with a spoon. I also know you are obsessed with string cheese. I'll love you forever and always, Cade. I know you feel like I don't listen, but I am. I hope you know how much we do love you!



Nancy said...

Such a precious post! Our boys are turning into men! I love that he has his Daddy's name, ours does, also.
However, mine has deodorant on his dresser, but I STILL have to remind him daily to put it to use! HA!
Have a great week, Caden!!

Hillary said...

And now I have tears coming out of my eyes :). I love your birthday letter to Caden. He sounds so much like Graham. I think that they would be best friends :). Lots of love to you Momma. So glad that you got such a wonderful boy!


Tesha said...

Such a sweet heartfelt letter that he will treasure in years to come! Love it! I so miss and wonder what happen to Blues Clues and Barney also:)

Tesha said...

Such a sweet heartfelt letter that he will treasure in years to come! Love it! I so miss and wonder what happen to Blues Clues and Barney also:)

Sarah said...

Hi Ashley! Looks like little Sawyer's bday is coming up right? She is seriously a DOLL!... but then again your whole family could be in a JCrew magazine. :) Anyway, I'm your newest follower and I hope you'll stop by and follow back. I can always use advice from more experiences mommas!

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