Life happens

Hi! I'm Ashley. Remember me? It's been three weeks since I have posted anything on this blog. I have been so busy, and when I haven't been busy my mind races with the zillion things I need to do. I suffer from ADD. Truth.

We moved. Don't they say that's one of life's most stressful ever situations? Yeah, thought so. I have done it way too many times. And moving with an infant on top of three big kids? STRESS.ful! And let's not mention how high maintenance my infant is. Or let's...

Miss SB is demanding. Super sweet, happy baby. UNTIL you lay her sweet self down to sleep. Or sit her down to get on the computer. Or shower. She loves to be held. She is going through that very clingy, seperation anxiety phase of infant-hood, almost toddler-hood that most babes suffer from to some degree. She suffers in the severe form. I need lots of coffee and hugs and kisses from her sweet self to get through most days. Did I mention she is absolutely adorable? 21.5 lbs of squishy, rolly-polly baby.

The week before we moved, she got the nasty rotavirus for the second time in her life. It left her pretty pitiful and it was hard to get much done. So, right after we moved she got sick with a very high fever of 105 and it wasn't coming down. A week of three hospital visits, 2 pediatrician appointments, and 5 sleepless nights...PRICELESS. Not really. My heart just ached for her sweet self. I can't stand to see her be so sick, and be poked and prodden on and tortured. Yes, it's torture to get an IV and to be catheterized four times in a week. She had a pretty nasty kidney infection. She has had several bouts with UTI's and was sent months ago for kidney U/S, which was normal. However, she was supposed to be scheduled for a VCUG, which tests for kidney reflux. She was not scheduled for the right test. Fast forward and she is suffering from the worst infection yet. So on Tuesday, we took her to Children's hospital to be tested for kidney reflux, which of course she has and requires a daily antibiotic and a consult with a kidney doctor. Did I mention she also got ANOTHER tummy virus in the midst of this? I thought she was doing better, but the last two nights have been trying. She is up screaming in pain. And due to her issues, she is like holding a ton of bricks down. Anyhow.

I pushed myself to no end with sleepless nights right after we moved in, trying to get all the boxes out of my house and pictures on the wall immedietely. It was super important to me to try and make this feel like home. There is not much difference in the square footage of our new house and our other house, (which I leased, by the way=stressful) but we definetely downsized in way of bedrooms and storage. Moving to a certain neighborhood and being in town was super important to me, and in order to afford it, our new house has three bedrooms and our other home has 5. We still have two living areas, which is SUPER important to me. But I have been cramming and purging stuff. In the midst of the chaos, I am so much happier that it takes me FOUR minutes to get to Target. And it's not a hike to the kid's school or activities.

I will be busy the next week or so, Laiken turns 10 (WAAAAAHHHH!!!) and Sawyer is about to be ONE. Please hold me. Time flies too fast. I am planning parties and will be busy doing all of my motherly duties, with a sweet baby glued to my hip. I hope to be back soon with a few posts I have been planning and maybe some party planning/updates. I don't even have time for Pinterest. I am currently letting her slobber all over my iPhone to get this post posted.

If you want to keep up with me, follow me on Instagram. I am an instagram junkie and post too many pictures. :) My user name is Laikenmom. Until next time!


Hillary said...

Ugh. Bless all your sweet hearts!! I would be about ready to poke BOTH my eyes out :). I hope things slow down a bit for ya'll (although I know that probably won't happen).

Lots of love to you all and kiss that sweet SB for me!


Lisa Cheney said...

I'm sorry SB has been so sick! Poor girl:( I hope things start to get better and less stressful for you;) And I hope you post pics of your new house!

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Tesha said...

Oh I was just think I hope you all were ok. Sickness is the worst I can't imagine it combined with move:( I bet you throw the cutest parties I am planing one for Shayla also.I would love to see pics of 21 lb of sweetness but I don't do or follow instagram.....yet?:)

Kim said...

I hope all the craziness starts to settle and Miss Sawyer feels better soon!! Poor little thing! (And momma!)

The Momma said...

Have missed you, but I know all too well about being busy. Will be leaning on you in the next week to hear that it's all worth it :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."