It's summa summa time..and the livin' is easy..

I am fortunate that where we live we have a pool that we can live at. I love evenings at the pool with the lake in the background glistening. Our neighborhood is a lake community, the whole neighborhood is built around a 375 acre lake. Needless to say, we have found our summer time home away from home!

I can lay out while SB naps in her stroller under the covered awning area. 
She has the good life.

The amazing thing is the new cafe at the clubhouse. Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, cheese fries, candy, ice cream, you name it. My kids my get dinner here quite a bit since their daddy is off working. Shhhh. And huge fountain drinks with Sonic ice. Sigh. My kids may or may not ride their bikes there to get me an occasional diet coke. 

Sawyer B. is a water baby! 
And she digs the ice, too. We ditched the bikini top. Cause we are rednecks like that. 
She is the copper tone baby! Tan lines and curls and I die. 

Besides the pool, we go get snowcones occasionally. I especially like going at night, sitting in the car with the kids....windows down with Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan singing to us...just relaxing with snowcones under the stars. 

I just love summer..everything about it. Popsicles dripping, mowers mowing, sprinklers going, pool time, snowcones, tank tops, flip flops, crickets, bullfrogs, country music sounds better in the summer..., windows down, twinkling stars, corn on the cob, grilled food, cookouts, fireworks, it's a known fact the Fourth of July is my fave holiday, the beach, (counting down the days!), sweaty kids, the smell of chlorine and sunscreen mixed is my fave smell, 6 mile walks at night..

I'm trying to take this summer day by day, minute by minute, and relax as much as I can. My days are certainly not easy...DUH. I have four kids and I'm alone most of the time but I'm trying to relax and soak it up. It's working so far..the stress of packing stuff for us all for the pool is worth it all when I see the kids have fun. Isn't that what summer is about? 

I love my crazy, chaotic, beautiful life! 


Hillary said...

Oh that all looks soo awesome! I wish we had a pool as close as that, we would just live there!

Happy Friday friend!


Taylor said...

Love this!! And can I come live with you? I'll help you take care of your kids in exchange for using that pool and Sonic ice!! :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

You are cracking me up about the kids riding their bikes to get you a Diet Coke. HA! Hilarious. Can't believe how big Sawyer is. Love the redneck comment too. Pretty much how we roll too.

Nicole said...

Swimming pools and Sonic ice...what could be better!?!?

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."