Sawyer Bliss-15 months

I seriously cannot believe this child is this big. She is the light of my life. She is the biggest bundle of joy. 
I treasure every moment this angel girl lets me hold her. I'm so, so thankful for her. 
Does she seriously not look so big? She obviously loves phones and keys.;)

Sawyer has had a shift in her medical diagnosis and we are still in the midst of figuring it all worked out. She's seeing a geneticist and neurologist. She has a gene deletion and has a rare disease that may or may not be related. We are seeing a new neurologist in July and I will update. She looks perfectly normal, but her main issues are random abnormal movements, tremors, and muscle contractures. That's the Dystonia (the rare disease)...I still get very irritated when I've told people about her issues and they say she looks normal. I cannot even explain how annoying this is to me. Anyhow. I will explain more about it later and update as we find out more. It is quite the frustrating journey. 

At 15 months:
*Sawyer is finally developing her own personality. She loves to have people look at her. 
*She is a definite girly girl. She loves purses, brushes, makeup (don't let her wear it, she just pretends to rub lipstick on), she is completely obsessed with my wallet, beyond obsessed with my iPhone (thank heavens for life proof cases!)
*She loves food. She doesn't care much for bread. Her favorite foods are tomatoes, olives (the child inhales olives), chicken, oranges, strawberries, and cheese. She's not picky. I am trying to limit the fruits and veggies right now and give her more fats and fiber because we have toddler diarrhea...yes, it's a condition. It is AWFUL. She has had consistent diarrhea since the week before Memorial Day. They've tested it for everything and now it's toddler diarrhea. 
*She adores her siblings. Adores. Especially her sister. I see a love between them that makes my heart skip beats.

*She has crazy hair. And the prettiest long curly eyelashes. 
*Homegirl loves the water. She is a pool baby for sure! She screams when we get out. We have a neighborhood pool so we go a lot. 
*We go to physical, occupational, and speech therapy three days a week. It is a huge commitment. She is doing great!
*Last week, she started walking! She can walk about 10-12 steps at a time before her ankles lock up. 
*She is still in our room, but in her own crib. 
*We are off of the bottle completely.
*The binky will go nowhere. She can have it until she's 5. Seriously. She's attached to the wubbunubs like whoa. And I don't care. 
*She is pretty much perfect and I couldn't have asked for anything more!!!! 


Nancy said...

What a beauty!!! I love the love you have for your beautiful girl!! It's so refreshing & contagious!! And I love that she is the cutest dressed girl I've seen!
Toddler diarrhea? Sounds like no fun. I'm gonna pray it leaves soon. :)

LC said...

She is such a pretty little girl!!! I'm so sorry things are frustrating with her health problems. I'm praying the Dr's can figure her out soon:) You are doing such a great job already though taking her to her therapies. I'm sure she is growing and learning leaps and bounds!

Kerry said...

Hi Ashley! Aww this was such a sweet post to bring us all up to date with your beautiful little Sawyer. She certainly is growing up too fast (don't they all?) and how freakin' adorable is she!!! Gorgeous like her mummy, she has your eyes that's for sure :)
What a clever girl walking and eating and doing all those things, I am sure your other kids are smitten with her!! xo

Kim said...

She is beautiful! I hope you get more answers soon!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."