Laiken had a game tonight. They lost. Bless her heart, she still hasn't hit the ball during a game and she is kinda sad about it. She seems to do better at home. But I had fun watchin her dance in the outfield! :) Right before the game...
So tomorrow, they are playing in a tournament. (Sardis Fest) At least it's supposed to be a pretty day. I am so ready to watch Big C and Little C play. They all three have games on Monday night, and it so so hard to figure out who I am gonna watch. I think I am going to leave my mom at one ballpark where Lake and Little C are playing, and go watch Caden. He really would be brokenhearted if I wasn't there. It's his first game of the season. Well, I am off to bed! Have to be at the ball field at 9:30 in the mornin!

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