Alzheimer's, Monkey, and New house.

Azheimer's. It is a horrible disease. One that has inficted upon my Nana's life. This disease takes away your quality of life, and your dignity.

I don't think that alot of people realize that it is not just memory loss, it IS degenerative, and ultimately deadly. It causes plaque buildup, death of tissue, nerve damage. It basically causes the brain to shrivel up.

It hurts to see loved ones not being able to understand what is going on around them, to be so confused, and to be so upset. It is sad to see my Nana lose her dignity and to not even know what is going on around her. To lose all the years of her life. To struggle to remember parts of her life. It's really hard.

I pray for her comfort and peace. I pray that those around her, caregivers and family treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

Anyways, enough of that. I am just feeling a little sad. :(

This face can always cheer me up!

I love my little Monkey. We called him Monkey when he was born because he had so much black hair. Poor little guy hates kindergarten. I knew he wasn't ready to go. His daddy really thought he was ready and he would be fine. Mommy knew it wasn't going to be so easy. Although his beahvior is not terrible, his teacher said that his listening skills aren't the best, and he could possible benefit from another year at home. I am trying to decide what the best thing is for him.

And while I am talking about school, Caden's teacher has had nothing but problems from him. It's funny, he has had teachers that can handle his behaviors, and some that can't or won't. She informed me yesterday that if he got in trouble today, he would be sent to the office and be paddled. They are not going to paddle him. What good would that do? He has Asperger's!! It is so frustrating. I am going to stop there and not go into it anymore, but can you please pray that we make it through this year? I have alot on my plate right now. New school, pregnancy, moving, building house, husband working out of town.....the usual. :)

My house had the siding put on yesterday. The drywall is all done. It will be painted today or tomm. Then we will stain the concrete next weekend. They are spraying my whole house one color. It is Benjamin Moore Mystic Gold. I want to paint my kitchen a fun color, and the family room. I like dark colors. I have had a green kitchen, a red kitchen, and a brown kitchen. My floors will be stained to look like copper penny. Anyone with any kitchen color ideas out there please help!!! I have got to decide within the next few days. I am glad that the builders have been so fast. I am ready to be in the new house!

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."