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I love baby names!! There are some I would love but never use. So I want to know what made you decide to name your kids what you did and if you have a cool baby name, let me know! I am pretty set on Landry Kate for a girl and Hudson Joel for a boy. But I am open to suggestions...(in case there is more than one..ha.) I really like Evie Claire, too. I think it's pretty. Even if you don't have kids, do you have "the name" picked out? With Laiken, I knew that was going to be her name although her daddy didn't care for it. When I was about three I had a Cabbage Patch doll that was named Laken Blue. I loved the name and knew my first daughter would be Laiken. Scotty thought I was insane, but I know he likes it now. :-) The only name I regret slightly is Camden, and that's because of Caden. It's one letter off and it's kind of confusing. I wish then I would have just named him Hudson. So, tell me what made you choose your kids' names??

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Brittney said...

I know of a Landria and I think that's really pretty. I hadn't heard Landry before. One of the names I liked was Lodge, but it sounds bad with our last name (too many L's).

Our kids' first names don't have any significance--we just liked them! David and I always said we would name our son Hunter, but decided it was too popular. We went with Trail b/c it was similar, but more unique. Their middle names are after David and I.

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