I am not very proud of myself right now. I just yelled at a man who called me wanting to collect $40 for the remaining balance of the bloodwork I had a few weeks ago. He was being rude to me and it irked me. I shouldn't have yelled. And it didn't make me feel better.

I am very mad today. I don't want to be mad. I have prayed that God comfort me and carry me when I can't walk. Because today I am very sad.

I want to tell ya'll how much I love my husband. He works in Nashville, TN during the week so I am away from him alot right now. His job doesn't really allow him to take off or have vacations. He stayed with me until last night and he had to go back. I know he didn't want to leave me. I saw the tears in his eyes. He loves us so much. He doesn't really know what to say right now to me, but I know he is hurting for me. And for himself. He called me earlier to tell me we could have ten more babies if I wanted. :) (And no, I don't want.) But if I wanted to have five more, he would. Don't get any crazy ideas, though. I waited along time to get pregnant with this baby. I always wanted four and we had decided to wait until before Camden went to kindergarten and then we would talk. I was SO happy when he agreed to try. Of course he makes me mad and aggravated sometimes but I don't know what I would do without him.

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday! Oh, Laiken has the flu and poor girl is so sick. She missed school on Thurs and Fri last week and hasn't gone back this week. I kept all my kids home today. I know the others needed to go to school, but I just wanted them home with me. Pray for Laiken to get better!!

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."