So, my insurance finally offered me a settlement for my contents from the break in. My doors are still boarded up so this is what I see when I come home.

I am going to have to replace my bedroom furniture also because they threw my dresser drawers all around and busted them up on our concrete floors. At least I get to go furniture shopping. :-)

I LOVE shopping. I use it as therapy, which so often is not a good thing. But I only buy things that are on sale...Last night, I was at Sephora after I left the hospital and I just wanted to grab up the whole store. I love that place. But I just looked around.

Scotty is doing really well today. They just did a pulmonary arteriogram and I think the TPA has busted up his clots in his lungs. His rhuematologist thinks that his autoimmune disease is going to be treatable from the clinic and he sees no need for us to go to the Mayo Clinic in MN. Which is good news. I didn't want to go up in that freezing weather. This Southern girl thinks it's already cold enough in Arkansas....

Our prayers are being answered every day and I am so thankful and blessed.


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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."