So Irritating.

I am ranting, so stop here if ya don't want to hear it!
I am so irritated right now with the hospital. Or with the billing/financial department. I have a six figure bill (well, Scotty does.) I understand that we have NO insurance, and maybe should have thought that out a little more. We applied for financial assistance from the hospital charity to reduce our bill some more. The lady said we should be able to get a reduction. Scotty CANNOT work and can't make money, and I make less than our mortgage every month. It is so not his fault that he got sick and can't work. Anyways, the lady was very rude to him and told him that because we have assets (boat, cars, house, rental property, land..) that we don't qualify for charity. We would have to live in a $40,000 house and be dirt poor to qualify. I just don't understand. Maybe this is our payback for no health insurance. I understand we owe money. But I don't get why he is being punished for having had a good job and having nice things that we can barely pay for anymore due to have a chronic illness. If he wasn't sick, he would be working right now. It seems so unfair to have your credit ruined and to lose things you own because of your illness.


Nic said...

He was at Baptist right? They are terrible about assistance. I was there when I had my heart issue last January and we tried to get help. They said you had to be disabled, Elderly, or jobless. It was very frustrating and for that reason we won't ever use Baptist again.

The Anglin Family said...

Yep, he was at Baptist. It's SO frustrating!!!! We should have gone to UAMS. :(

Hattie said...

Hi just found your blog! So sorry to hear about the problems w/ the hospital. You would think people working at the hospital would have so sort of compassion. Hope your day & weekend get better!

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