I love reading about everyones favorite beauty products. I have never really skimped on them, but well, I have had to lately. So I decided to go to Sally's for shampoo and conditioner.

I really love these generic Sally shampoos. Of course, my trusted freezeit in the back. :) I have been using it for years and love it. See the little bottle? That's my generic moroccan oil. I love that stuff. I used to use the real stuff but found I can buy generic. If you have thick or frizzy hair, RUN and get some. Look for Argan oil. Walmart and Sally's has it for under 8 bucks. It makes my hair so soft and shiny.
Tanning has always been a huge thing for me. My first job was at a tanning salon. I used to run one that my mom owned. I decided last year to cut back. So I bought this and love it.

I love this, it's super easy and convenient and gets me pretty tan. I haven't used it in a couple of months and I did last night and so many people asked me how I got so tan. I love it. I also dig this stuff..

I love Method body wash. The smell lasts a long time. I hate when you shower and don't smell fresh.
My other beauty addiction is crest white strips. I bought the equate kind at wal mart instead recently and they work pretty well. I'm blogging with them on my teeth now. :)
I love to hear what everyone else loves..

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Ashley Jo Anglin


Allison said...

You should be my beauty advisor because I totally need one. I've never heard of the first two things - although I do use some kind of chi oil that I absolutely love, so I wonder if it's kind of the same thing?
And I love the crest white strips too. I use them on and off. :)

Nic said...

Ok, So I have to know about the SalonBronze thing. I have all but stopped going to the tanning bed. I love being tan but I think it's making me look old =)

I went in Sallys the other day and saw the Generic Chi's. If mine goes out I'm going to try one of those.

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