Very fun Friday

First off I am exhausted! Taking progesterone wears me out!!!
Today the kids class lists were to be posted @ 4 so we took a day to celebrate. The kids picked their lunch place, and they chose Zaxby's. They love the chicken!
Brotherly love;)

Sucking down the Dr. Pepper I let him have.;)

Then we went to walmart. Bad idea! I got sick so I decided I had to have some shaved ice!
I ate all of this goodness!!!

The kids don't mind at all that mommy had to have a snowcone!!

Then we were off to the school to check out who their teachers are. The boys got who I wanted them to and Lai already knew she was gonna have her teacher for last year.
I'm cooking spaghetti squash for dinner.

I love this stuff! Anyone else like it? Happy Friday!!
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Ashley Jo Anglin


Heather said...

YUM! I love Zaxby's and snow cones too!!! Hang in there....hopefully the sickness will subside soon!

Melody said...

I"ve never had spaghetti squash but I LOVE squash so I'm sure I'd like it. There is a Zaxby's near my mom's. Maybe it's an Arkansas thing, we don't have one here in Oklahoma. I hope your nausea ends soon! I am so happy about your little bean!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."