Happy Birthday Caden!

{Wasn't he a precious baby?}
Today my oldest turned NINE!!! Wow.
These nine years with him have been very hard and very rewarding. He has been the most loving, and the most difficult child. He was the best gift I have ever recieved. God trusted ME with him on this Earth. Watching this child mature and grow has been one of life's greatest blessings. When he was a baby and a toddler, I knew he was different. When I found out he had Asperger's, I was mad at first. Scared for him. But I went and armed myself with books. Bought lots and lots of books. Cade has grown into an amazingly smart little boy who loves space, dinosaurs, and biology. He may be a scientist. He may be a brain surgeon, who knows. But I do know I love all of this awkward precious 9 year old boy.

Today was the most beautiful day in Arkansas. Everyone in my town was out and about. Too bad we are supposed to have an ice storm next week? We decided to let Cade pick out a new bike and he was thrilled.

We took him to Scotty's brothers house to ride his new bike. He may be a pro someday. :-)

Then, this evening we went to dinner with the whole family at my favorite restaurant in town. Caden picked it.

He was thrilled to have the attention. I was so glad. At home, when we have parties and on holidays, he hides out in his room. He was eating it up. Plus, they let him keep the hat.

Just because she is my princess. My darling little diva.

Somehow Mommy got the sombrero too...thanks Grandpa.

And yes, I am supporting my Hogs. I am not a huge Basketball fan but the Hogs won an away game against Vandy today so Go Hogs Go!!

And then, Mommy and Daddy shared the sombrero.

We had a great day. We wrapped it up with cake at my Memaw's house and came home to relax.

I was going to write a seperate post for this, but I doubt I blog again before Monday morning. Scotty's Dr. wanted to admit him on Thursday to the hospital for in patient testing. He talked her into waiting until Monday since Cade's Bday was today. We are checking in Monday morning for a few days..uncertain the amount of days. All I know, is I am scared. His breathing and chest pain have gotten worse and he is showing sings of having Pulmonary hypertension, which is a very rare disease and very very serious. The only cure is a lung transplant. He has not been definitely diagnosed with this, but it is looking like this may be a strong possibility. And it scares the heck out of me. Please pray for my him, and that we get the answers that we need. Thank you.

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