new day.

This is where I spent my day. Sorry, Scott for posting the picture! He has been having chest pain when he breathes..so pulmonologist sent him to be checked out. It could get bad fast for him, if its serious. Anyhow, after all day, we were released and we went to eat pizza.

I had anxiety when we got there as I had to go in that same room where I first saw that still image of Ryan. I was fighting tears. His nurse was the one who had done the ultrasound and ran away..it made her uncomfortable. After awhile, she asked me if she knew me. I told her yes, I had seen her and she did an ultrasound on me..and then she remembered. She then sat and talked with us for awhile. It was very surreal. She told me she got in trouble for not sending me to the waiting room afterwards. L&D was full, I had to wait on a room so she put me in an ER room and they were extremely busy and I was wasting a room. She said she couldn't fathom or go home and sleep good if she sent me back out into that waiting room, sobbing hysterically. So Keri, thank you.

We went to visit Ryan when we got back into town. My visits there have gotten shorter..I can't stay as long. She was beautiful, and she lives on in my heart. All seven tiny inches.

"A new day has come.."
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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."