That is, Girls Raised in the South.

(if you are on a diet, this post MIGHT make you fat..)
Today Scotty and I had to get out so he could go to the Dr. and on those days we eat lunch out. We are watching what we spend and let's face it, taking a family of 5 out to eat is pricey so we tend to eat out alone. Anyhow. Today, we decided on BBQ and I just LOVE BBQ..you know it is a staple in the South...A big ole plate of pork and homemade potato salad and sweeet iced tea in a Mason jar. Slap yo mama!! I try so hard to eat good but sometimes, it's so hard.

I know this summer in Cincinnati, I was searching for a good ole home pit BBQ place and we finally found a good one. It's hard to stay away for too long..:-)

After lunch, Scotty decided we needed to go here to get some of these to take home with us because we are forecasted to get another big snow on Wednesday.

Geez Louise, I love these things. Especially when they are hot and fresh. Oh my word, they are yum. (I like food waaay too much..)

You know, when the snow comes here in the South, everyone goes to Wally World in droves of people and buys everything off the shelves. It's nuts. But that's what we do. Because if we are snowed in at home, we just might need to make red velvet cupcakes...

Or we might need to bake a Pecan pie. Or a PEEcan pie, as my Memaw calls it.

Please don't think I eat like this all the time...just sometimes. {wink}

Women in the South have a way with words. Our favorite expressions are "ya'll come back", "drop by when you can" "oh, I just love your hair" "oh, bless her heart" and we all ask "how's your mother?"..

Anyhow, I know of two girls who recently had miscarriages and another girl who had a stillbirth that all live in my area. I only know one of them, but please pray for them. It just seems to slap me in the face every day. It's just too too common.

Another thing: If you live in my area and need family pictures taken, Laiken's teacher is also a photographer and takes great pictures at reasonable prices. She is having a session in March at Wye Mountain (where the daffodils are) and I would love to see you there getting your pictures made!

Her Facebook page is here!

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