So we made it through the hospital stay. And...drumroll..please! Scotty is fine. His heart and lungs look well right now..praise the Lord. We were all so convinced he had pulmonary hypertension and he doesn't. He does have a hernia that may need to be removed, but thats manageable.

Laiken has been a sickie all week. Coughing, fever, ear infections..you name it. I remember when she was so sick as a baby and she would scream all night. She did alot of screaming last night bc of her ears.
Today she has the first batting practice of the season and it seems so crazy with all this snowy weather. February is one of my favorite months bc I love pink and Vday and my Laiken was born on the 25th.

Today my monthly friend came to visit, and I was really hoping she'd forget about me oh, for say 8 more months or so..but I'm really ok she came. As long as she doesn't stay too long..haha. TMI much?

I'm going to go enjoy my Saturday with my family..:-)

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The Mama said...

YAY!!! Praising the Lord that Scotty is okay! A hernia I am sure you can deal with! That's awesome news!

So sorry about AF, I wish she'd stay away for you!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."