I am 29!!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments yesterday!! They made me smile!:)

Today I turned 29!!

Last night, my mom came over and brought pizza and presents. I got a solar butterfly ball for my flowerbeds..I am really into junking up my flower beds..I will take a picture tomorrow. I still haven't planted flowers. But I do have some plastic ones..haha. She also got me a large metal bowl I have been wanting for my table. It is made from metal circles..imagine that. One day I realized I have TONS of polka dots and circles swarming around here. It's a spotty world in which I live. :)

Today, I went to lunch with my Memaw. We went shopping and just hung out. I am SO lucky to have her. I am lucky I am 29 and still have a Memaw who runs around with me. We ate at McAlisters. I drank so much of that sweet tea I think my bladder about burst all day. She got me an umbrella for my patio. And some clothes for my kids. But hey, it makes me happy for them to look cute! How cute is she?? I know she's mine, but I think she's so beautiful!!! New clothes from Target!

Tonight, I skipped church. The kids went with my grandparents and my Dad and Sharon(stepmom) took me out to eat Italian. I stuffed myself with Mulfaldine and now I am full!! And bread dredged in balsamic and olive oil..I could literally drink this stuff. I know ya'll all think I am crazy and food obsessed. Haha. Saturday they are taking the kids and I to Petit Jean for a picnic and a hike for my birthday too. It should be fun..

I bought myself a monogrammed flag for my flower beds since I am about the only one on the street without one and I felt left out..plus it matches my big "A" welcome mat.:) I also bought myself a really cute flower dish scrubber. My kids made me the sweetest cards, I will share pics tomorrow, I don't feel like getting the pics off my phone. :) I have some sweet babies, ya'll. Really. I am so thankful. They are growing up to be such great kids. Not really babies. They make me happy.

Before I dropped them off for church..my boys were way too cool for a self portrait, LOL.

I had a great birthday!! And tomorrow I plan on spending the money my dad gave me at Kirklands!! I know just what I want..:)


The Mama said...

Happy Birthday! And it's not just you, your kids really ARE cute!! :) Happy 29th birthday girl!

Melody said...

I'm so glad you had a great day! It's important that birthdays are great! And, now the countdown begins! I'll be 30 on Feb. 9. AHH!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, friend!!!! So glad you had a wonderful day!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."