Saturday happenings

I've been back home for several days now. Glad to be home, but miss my husband!! Maybe that's why I am so sad??

I am an extremely honest person, but I have alot of pride and it's hard to swallow it in some instances. When Scotty got sick, we got behind on our mortgage and bills and it was very hard to catch up. The reason we moved is because we were facing foreclosure and the house didn't sell. It has been hard for me to admit that, although Scotty was sick, it has still been hard to swallow losing your home. The mortgage company was unwilling to work with us to catch up on the note. So we swallowed our pride and moved. It has been really a difficult thing. Well, now we have a lawyer involved and the back due amounts have been paid and we are able to have our house back!!! God really had his hand on this situation. I just want to be honest and let people know what really happened. So in a few short weeks, we will be moved back into our home!

Last night on her 30th birthday, at 30 weeks, my friend Arika went into labor with her twin boys. She lives in Austin, TX. Well they were unable to keep her cervix from dilating so they delivered her this afternoon. Please keep her and those precious twins in your prayers!! Their names are Noah and Micah and for twin 30 weekers, they are good sized. One was 3lbs and the other was 3.4 lbs.

Isn't she a pretty mommy??

I tried to change my comment settings. Google and blogger are really driving me nuts. I still can't comment on alot of blogs, and I know several who can't comment on mine. I wish they would fix this! It is driving me NUTTY!!!!! Thanks for the sweet words on my last post, they really mean alot. :) I love my blog friends.

And just because, here are my silly children. Socks with sandals. What what what!!!!

And just because I thought I would clear this up, I would never let my children go into public like this!!:))


Hillary said...

Oh Lawd, that socks with sandals video was hilarious! Your kids have to cutest personalities!

I'm so sorry to hear about the struggles with your house. I know it doesn't help much, but the rest of us would probably be in your exact same situation if we were faced with any extra added financial hurdles like you have been. I'm so thankful that you guys were able to find some resolution though!

Lots of Love! xoxox

Katie said...

Ashley, I'm really laughing about those socks and sandals! Lately Z refuses to let me take his socks off so I just put sandals over them and that is that!

Jason is so embarrassed! It's really funny.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."