Summertime Bliss (HAHA)

I am sure people are laughing at me, but I have always loved J. Simpson's hair. It is soooo pretty!! So I took this picture to my friend Lauren yesterday and she did her best to make my hair super blonde. I love it! It is much blonder! I love it. And she even fixed it like this, too. :) We took pics with my phone but my phone crashed last night and I lost all.my.pictures. I was so sick about it! I love some of those pictures I take with my phone!! Sigh. Anyhow, I am not taking any pics now since I am already in my jammies and it's not even 7!!

So, my mom took off work yesterday to watch my kids so I could get my hair done. I don't have any summer babysitters and my parents both still work and I am alone while Scotty is working so it's hard to get anything done!! Thank you Mom!! My super pretty Aunt Linda and her family are in Arkansas visiting from New Mexico, and I love seeing them. While I was getting my hair done, they took the kids for pizza and played with them.

I have the prettist Mom and Aunt!! I love them both!!

This is Kelsey and Laiken. Kelsey is almost 19 and she is going to college this year, isn't she so pretty? My grandfather has red hair, and Kelsey is the only one who has gotten it so far. Should I say my grandfather USED to have red hair? Anyhow, she has the voice of an angel. She has some serious serious talent. She sings better than most I have seen on American Idol or The Voice (I am loving the Voice!!) She sand Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" for us last night and I am telling you, she sings waaay better. :) And my sweet little girl looks precious in this picture.

Today we haven't done much of anything worthwhile. I had a Tropical Sno for lunch. I had Georgia Peach (Strawberry+Peach) with cream. Yummy. My favorite is Sweet Tart though. It is grape with pink lemonade or reg lemonade. It tastes just like a grape sweet tart. Laiken had a sweet tart today. :) I have tried to clean and truthfully, I just have NO energy. Not sure what is up, but I took some vitamins haha!! Tonight for dinner I was craving this:

I know how bad it is for me and all, but I still love Taco Bell! I can't help it. My favorite is a Beef Mexi Melt and a Chicken Fiesta Burrito. And I don't even ever drink anything with sugar in it unless it is at Taco Bell and for some reason, it just tastes better when you wash it down with this:

Maybe it will give me some energy?? Who knows??!! I'm just keeping it real, but my life isn't very glamourous, haha! I am at home with three kids who are very super close together in age and they fight and yell and argue and spill milk and stop up toilets and poke holes in the blow up pool and ride their bikes through the flowers and tattle and it's just constant. (This was my day today..) But these three cannot stand to be away from each other, and no sooner are they tattling and swearing off the other one, I spy them laughing and giggling and hugging. I tend to try and let them work out their own battles and stay out as much as possible. Anyhow, it just wears me out! Maybe this is why I am tired?


Hillary said...

I was laughing really hard when you were describing your day with the kids. I kept waiting for "burning popcorn" to appear on your list :) since it sounded so much like my house!

I do the same thing though, when the kids are super at it really bad food just tastes soo good as a reward for putting up with it all day! :)

Hillary said...

Oh and I almost forgot! RE-take those hair picures for us and post them!

Kirby and Anna said...

Stopped over from Jenna's... cute blog! I love Taco Bell too :)

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