day with Caden

Yesterday, Cade went to the orthodontist for the first time. My niece Morgan stayed home with the other two, so it was just me and him. It was her first time sitting, and she did great.

He was happy to be alone with me, so he actually let me take his picture. He's so grown up, I can't believe I have a 9 and a half year old going into 4th grade! Mamas of babies, it flies by!!! We decided to hold off on braces for a year or so and I'm fine with that. When I got the payment plan, I about choked. It's more than a car!

After the orthodontist, we were hungry so we decided to go to one of our faves, Blue Coast Burrito. The pic is of my taco salad. I could drink the pineapple salsa there. We had a grown up conversation and it was nice to be alone with him. We never get that. We need to do that more, he needs the attention and I need it too:)

I am a procrastinator and just bought school supplies last night. School starts Monday. We are going to open house tonight to meet the teachers and the kids are excited.

Happy Tuesday!!
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The Mama said...

Isn't it crazy to think that it is already time for school?

What a fun day you had with Cade!!! Wonderful memories!

So, I guess I should start saving NOW for braces for my kiddoes? Ugh. Stinks how expensive they are!

Hillary said...

Oh that salad looks soo good! I may have to send Bobby out to bring home Mexican for dinner tonight!

How fun that you got a little "mini date" with Cade. It's so important to sneek in those random Momma and child times whenever you can!

Lots of love xoxox

Rachel said...

Can't beleive it is school time!!! Cute blog!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."