All over the place randoms

I've had SO much to blog about, yet very little desire lately. Scotty came home last Thurs. night, so we've been readjusting. I'll just go over some of our happenings.

* Ready for Cadens football to be over with!! It is so time consuming.
*Morning sickness plus migraines has hit me with a vengeance the last few days!! It's been awful!!
*I am so ready to find out what this baby is!! I didn't think I would actually want to buy anything, but I do.
*Saturday we had a great day. Cade had football, then we ate BBQ and played putt putt, then went and saw Courageous with some people from church. It was a great movie, if you haven't seen it, you should;)
*Camden William is still eating his hands and feet, I don't know what to do!! It's so embarrassing!!
His finger:

His feet are awful. He is the sweetest kid, but he's awful quirky. I could do a whole post on this childs weirdness!! He refuses to wear socks or underwear and if I make him wear them to school he takes them off in the bathroom. I'm soliciting parenting advice, people. Advice?
*Not sure if I told y'all or not, but Laiken got her finger smashed in my Memaws Suburban door, and broke it. She's done with softball till Spring. It was two weeks ago and it still looks pitiful!!
It's the middle one, see how blue it is??

*This has been on my mind alot:

October 15th is right around the corner.
*Bow season has started in Arkansas and my hubby does alot of this:

Thankful he hunts right in our backyard!!
*I really really want a swimming pool. I'm trying to talk hubby into it. Pretty please?? I think it's going to be hard to go anywhere next summer by myself with a baby and 3 kids so a pool would be GREAT!!!
*I have sooo many people in my prayers lately. So many sick friends..it hurts my heart!! I know 3 people my age who live in my town who have all been recently diagnosed with cancer.
*my older two are really growing up. Laiken came into my room while I was napping on Sunday and stuck her fingers in my face and told me to smell..I gagging, asked her what it was and she told me her armpits. Disgusting, right? We promptly went to Walmart the next day and she is now using Degree for girls.;) yay for deodorant!!LOL..
*I'll try to do a pregnancy 15 wk update tomm;)


Mrs. Monty said...

a pool would be awesome! I wish I had one too! The other day Jack had his arms up and no joke he smelled like a nasty grown man! I bought him deodorant as well lol! I'll be thinking of you and your family come the 15th!

Summer said...

bwhahahaahaha about Laiken saying smell...laughing my butt off on that one...to funny! O.K. so I haven't heard of that movie but I'm going to look it up and put in on my list. My Kelcee and the hubs toots and says smell all the time...good grief....I am praying so hard for you on the 15th sweet girl...Ryan will never ever be forgotten and will always hold a special place in my heart as I know she does in so many. She has touched so many! I had two miscarriages so I know it's rough...I have no idea what you are going through I can't even imagine...I am excited to hear what you are having as well! That pic of Scotty cracks me up...they have this face person at our walmart dressed like that in a tree stand and I screeched then realized it wasn't real bwahahahha....Scotty if your reading this your wifey totally needs a pool an in ground one...with a baby pool on the side :) I agree sweets you totally need a pool lol


KERRY said...

Aww kids, they drive us insane don't they but we wouldn't be without them, smells and all :)
I hope you are feeling well, you mentioned migraines you poor thing. I know I am new to your blog and have a lot of catching up to do but I just wanted to say hi!
You are a busy mum like me by the sounds of it (I have 3 kids aged 11, 8 and 9mths)
I hope you get that swimming pool, I would love one too but that's not going to happen :)
Have a great day!

Hillary said...

Yay for the hubby being home! I know how much you must miss him! I will very soon be a hunting widow myself... :)

Thanks for the laugh about your kiddos today! Ya'll always crack me up!

Lots of love xoxox

The Mama said...

I love the deodorant story. Haha!

So sorry morning sickness and headaches are back...ugh.

I agree about the pool. We have an above ground pool, it's pretty big, and we loved it when we opened it. We don't open it anymore, but that's just because of the ages of our 2 kids. It would be a lot of work with me to take them both swimming without help. I think an above ground is a good option instead of in ground sometimes, around $4000 compared to $25-30,000.

I can't wait to hear what you are having!!! Not too much longer to find out!

Melody said...

When do you have your next U/S? I want to buy stuff too but 1. We have no money. 2. I need NOTHING in the way of clothes! I did buy a blanket last weekend to pep up the husband. It says' I love daddy. HA

blessedmomto8 said...

LOL at the pool comment! We want one too but its not in the budget. When you are taking your 4 remember I am taking my 7.. ALL ALONE LOL! YOu can do it!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Hey girl!! My husband loves to hunt too!! I always know when bow season is in cuz its always the day after my bday or the week of! Sounds like y'all have been so busy!! I can't wait to see some pics of you and your pregnant belly:-) have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

thanks or the comment...and with all your kids i'm gonna be checking back for advice - often!! :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."