Weekly update and vlog

Ok, so this video was made yesterday. But I had to go to the Dr. for some EXTREME pain I was having. Turns out I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. It hurt like heck!!! I was just worried something was wrong, and baby wasn't ok, but all is well. I caved and took Tylenol last night. (I do not like medicine). The dr. gave me a RX for pain meds, but I feel 100% better today. Yay!!! Anyways so here is my weekly video. I was feeling very bad when I did this.;)

YouTube Video

Hope everyone has a terrific Thursday!!


The Mama said...

Don't ever feel silly calling the dr girl. That's what they are there for, you aren't bothering them. I'm glad that you went to the dr and even more glad that it was okay and that you are feeling so much better today!!!!!!

Melody said...

I am glad you are ok! It is VERY painful. I was hoping you would wake up feeling better today! I don't like pain down there when I'm not pregnant so I'm SURE I would hate it even more being pregnant.

Katie said...

I'm so thankful you and baby are ok! I've had an ovarian cyst a few years ago and had to go to the ER. They are SO painful!

Jessica said...

Bless your heart! You have just been through the ringer. : ( So glad you are feeling better.

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