Monday fun day

Today I went shopping with my mom for Laiken's birthday. Meaning L got to pick out her own clothes:-)

And try on jeans. I'm pretty sure this was her first time trying on clothes so I took a pic.

While at Gordmans I met a girl I met through blogging!! We have been FB friends for awhile and she recognized my mom. It was neat to bump into her. :-)

I'm totally in love with these jeans. And totally jealous of everyone I see wearing them!!! I want colored jeans. But I will be too fat for awhile for jeans. Sigh.

I probably won't care anymore after SB is born:-)

After we shopped, we went to yummy US Pizza for a salad supreme. Nummy!!

Their ranch is to die for. My mom said it was like crack one day:-) It's the best when you dip club crackers in it! Heaven.

I packed the diaper bag today. How many outfits do I need? (for her) It's been awhile:-) I'm having her a new gown made that's smaller than the original one. When I get it, I will link it to my blog. But it's from Pumpkin Butter Kids. She makes the cutest stuff and she has a FB and etsy. I wish I knew how to link from my iPhone..don't I say this alot?

L is obsessed with SB's stuff. She goes in her room all the time. She folds onesies and socks over and over. I just let her. She wants to help me so much.

Caught ya!!

My oldest never gets sick and today he's really sick. I think we will be going to Dr. in the morning. He seems pretty miserable. :(((


KERRY said...

I bet your kids are so excited to meet the newest addition soon, by the looks of it, your daughter can't wait! How cool that you bumped into someone you met through blogging, what a small world :)

Nancy said...

That is so sweet that she goes in & folds her clothes! I love that!
And that salad looks divine.
Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

Hillary said...

Don't worry girl, you'll be back in those fun jeans in no time! Don't forget that you'll be chasing 4 kids! That has to burn a ton of calories :). Love that sweet L wants to help so much, she is going to be the best big sister!


The Mama said...

I agree, you are going to be back in jeans in no time!!!

For the hospital, I normally just brought 2-3 outfits. A cute outfit for the pics, a coming home outfit (if they are different) and then a pair of jammies for them to wear while they are there. :)

Laiken is SO pretty!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."